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Congregational Leadership Team
2020/2021 (proposed)

Administration Pastorate Member: Jim Parcel

Historian: Janice Zimmerman

Recorder: Janice Zimmerman

Congregational directory: Lowell Kuhn

Scouting coordinator: Dave Ward

Secretary: Dawn Williams

Music Director:Twila Rider

Visual arts: Carolyn Williams

Outdoor Sign: Jerry Chadwick

College Scholarship fund coordinator: Janice Zimmerman

Kitchen Ministry: Marilyn Van Trump

Building use coordinator: Jenny Brewer

Outreach/ Evangelism Pastorate Member: (Jenny Brewer)

Guest book: Linda Coltharp (Grace Andrews)

Safety/ Health Committee: Ed Towers, Jenny Brewer

Worship and Learning: Pastorate

Bulletin assy: Ken, Linda Fann, Linda Benson

Communion Servers: Dawn Williams

Electronic media: Ken Fann

Head Deacon: Ken Fann

Priesthood scheduling: Lowell Kuhn

Mid week services: Wayne Williams (Dawn Williams)

Church School planning: (pastorate)

Bulletin Preparation: Norma Fugate

Sanctuary/Foyer decorations: Jenny Brewer

Fellowship and Caring Pastorate Member: John Brewer

Birthday Card ministry for those w/o email: Sharon Parc

Congregational Dinners: Marilyn VanTrump

Admin and communion to the sick: Janice Zimmerman

Bereavement Ministry: Wayne Williams

Fellowship/ Events: Carolyn Williams

Wedding / Baby showers: Linda Benson

E mail Prayer Chain: Sharon Parcel

Prayer chain calling tree (non email): pastorate

Congregational announcements: Jenny Brewer

Building Committee:

Chair: Lowell Kuhn

Lawn and Landscape: Lowell Kuhn

Building Manager: John Brewer (Jeff Towers)

Ex-Officio members:

Jim Parcel, Norma Fugate, John Brewer, Ken Fann, Marilyn Van Trump, Janice Zimmerman, Corrina Lord Wilson

Members at Large:

Ed Towers (term expires 8/31/2021)

Linda Coltharp (term expires 8/31/2021)

Ralph Williams (term expires 8/31/2022)

Jeff Towers (term expires 8/31/2021) *

Jenny Brewer (term expires 8/31/2022)

Jerry Chadwick (term expires 8/31/2022)



Health Ministries Association  Community of Christ International Headquarters 1001 West Walnut  Independence

Updated 8/17/20