Central Mission Fall Special Conference

Date: October 5, 2021

To: The Members of Central USA Mission Center Community of Christ;

Central USA Mission Center will be conducting our 2021 Fall Special Conference online using Zoom. As an online conference, there are many extra details for those interested in participating as voting members to know and understand. Special rules of order, which are in harmony with the guidelines for online business meetings issued by the World Church, will be used for this special conference. They contain information on requirements for voting, registration, parliamentary actions, and other important items for the conference body. The special rules document is below.

The Mission Center President Team wants all persons interested in participating in conference to have the opportunity, while also acknowledging accessing the online conference format will present difficulties for some members. Every voting member of the conference will need their own email address with which to register, as well as an individual separate connecting device (PC, Mac, iPad, Smart Phone) for the conference. The mission center is happy to assist as we can. We encourage congregational leaders to enlist help from their tech savvy members to support one another to be able to fully engage in conference. For those not wishing to vote, a live stream of the proceedings will be shown on the mission center Facebook and at www.CentralMission.org.


14 November 2021
1:30 - 4:30 PM

Consideration of World Church Priesthood Calls

Update on Bridge of Hope   

Ordination Service

CPCI/Lake Doniphan Presentation

Campus RV Park Audits

Center Place Campgrounds, Inc. Audits

Campus RV Park Board Elections

Center Place Campgrounds, Inc. Board Elections

Central Mission Center Audits

Resolution(s) for World Conference

Central Mission Center 2021 Operating Budget

Sustaining of Mission Center Officers, Ministerial Staff, Support Staff and Mission Center Council

More Details Here Register Today

Use the links above or go to www.CentralMission.org.  After you have registered... Once you have registered you should expect to receive two emails from us. First, you will receive an email with the connection and voting guidelines for the conference. It is extremely important that you read through this completely before attending the conference. Second, you will receive an email at least 24 hours in advance of the conference with an individualized link to the Zoom Webinar. Each email address will be sent its own link and can only be used by that one person. If you have multiple members in your house who would like to participate in voting during the conference, please register each person with a different email address. If you have any questions about this portion of the conference please contact Laura Reed at LauraReed@CentralMission.org for clarification.

Greg Wilson
Central USA Mission Center
Mission Center President
816.833.4300 office
816.616.7570 cell



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