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Dear Central Mission Center Pastors, Financial Officers and Council members,

After decades of being able to deposit checks using Lake Doniphan or Doniphan as the "Payable to" party, Bank of America (BoA) has informed us they will no longer allow us to deposit checks with this "fictitious" name. We are working with our BoA customer representative to resolve this but do not have an easy and quick solution at this time.

Recognizing that Doniphan has significant financial needs due its closure since mid-March with only $2,200/month in congregational support, we would appreciate you sharing with your congregants that any checks they write for Doniphan need to be made payable to its corporate name, Center Place Campgrounds, Inc. We will return any check made payable to any other name and request that the check be reissued using the corporate name.


Carina Lord Wilson, C.P.A.
Bishop & Financial Officer
Central USA Mission Center
Blue Valley Activity Center
Lake Doniphan Conference & Retreat Center

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Updated 7/23/20